About Us

Baltimore Street Irons was started in 2007 by Charles Freeland. The store sells custom made tattoo machines, hardware, parts, and materials. All of the machines and hardware featured on our site are handmade in the USA.

We use a variety of metals and materials for our machines including bronze, steel, cast iron, and bronze.

About the Owner

Charles FreelandCharles Freeland (aka Trey) has been tattooing since 1992. Beginning his career in Hanover, PA and eventually landing in Eldersburg, MD where he opened his first tattoo ship in 1996. He began making tattoo machines soon after and has been producing small batch handmade tattoo machines ever since. His first stab at the production market resulted in the Lucky Seven Shader which was available through 21st Century and Kingpin for a short time until production cease in 1999.

He moved back to Hanover in 2004 and opened Baltimore Street Tattoo (baltimorestreettattoo.com) and resumed more involved machine projects. He further developed his unique building style and tuning techniques. He purchased the present location of Baltimore Street Tattoo in 2007 and with the added space and machining capabilities began Baltimore Street Irons. He is unwavering in his dedication to being one hundred percent hands on with every aspect of the business in addition to maintaining his broad clientele of tattoo clients. The purpose of Baltimore Street Irons is to provide a place for builders and artists to find everything they need from tattoo machines to building supplies, knowing that all products have been tested.


Brian Fuentes known as voodoo or B. was born and raised in Dallas Texas where he started his career in the visual arts field. From the beginning he always knew he would be an artist of some sort. During his high school years he was selected among few to attend the arts magnet in downtown Dallas where he then pursued the visual arts field. During his 10th grade year one of his teachers told him that his artwork seemed to have the tattoo feel and that was all she wrote.

In the beginning of his tattoo career he was able to find an apprenticeship at Modern Body Image in 1996 where he was taught to tattoo and assemble his first tattoo machine. Soon after his apprenticeship he decided to move on from Dallas when he was offered a job in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania at The Tattoo Asylum in the end of 1997 where he tattooed and soon after managed the shop.

Brian then looked for better opportunities which brought him to Hanover, Pennsylvania at a shop called Skin Images, where he decided to build his portfolio. Brian progressed more in his talent as an artist which provided a new opportunity to move himself and his family back to Dallas Texas where he worked under Walter "boog" Brown and Jay Strange at the Skin Art Gallery in Addison, Texas. After 9/11 the owner of the Skin Art Gallery decided to sell her shops.

Brian followed Jay Strange to Strange But True studios in Addison, Texas. Being that the shop was new at the time and short for business he decided to move back to Pennsylvania for a new start, where he then spent 4 years at Moonwalkerz Tattoo in Hanover, Pennsylvania with an old co-worker from Skin Images. With his nose to the grind stone he submerged himself deeply into perfecting his career as a tattoo artist as well as a machine builder, learning everything he could about the industry.

At the end of 2006 he was hand picked and offered a spot at the new Baltimore Street Tattoo by Charles Freeland, who is just as dedicated to the industry as Brian is. In 2007 together they decided to combine their interest in machine building and have been building machines and tattooing side by side ever since.

Brian has been tattooing professionally for 13 years and building machines for 6 and counting. He strives for perfection in every aspect of his career always trying to learn new and better ways to tattoo and build tattoo machines. Brian hopes that one day with hard work and dedication he may solidifly his name in the industry and pave a road for his children if they choose to follow in his foot steps.